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DDA Forensics is now offering Xactimate courses to carriers and attorneys throughout Florida. You’re committed to advanced education, and we’re committed to providing it. Sign up for our Xactimate course and learn the ins and outs of the software, pricing, and what to look out for with manipulated estimates. Earn 2 CLE/ CE credits.


Xactimate & Risk Management: What’s the Correlation?

The course provides a contextual overview of the Xactimate software and how it is used in the industry. We will share the common pitfalls of estimating, pricing manipulation, and line-item details. We will also expose the red flags and deceptive tactics of utilizing the software that can produce inaccurate damage estimates in litigation.

WHEN: We’ll meet at your office on a Friday of your choice. Length is approximately 2.5 hours.
WHERE: Your office or conference room.  (Florida locations only at this time.)
COST: Free

2 CLE Credits for Attorneys *May be chosen in the General or Technology category

2 CE Credits for Adjusters *May be chosen in the General or Technology category

REQUIREMENTS Minimum of 10 attendees. Wifi is required for our presentation. You’ll need a conference room area or space with table and chairs for your attendees so they can take notes.


Xactimate Class


With over 20 years of experience, the most advanced education and technologies, we specialize in building consulting services, forensic engineering and expert witness services. Our licensed engineers and contractors provide objective and accurate forensic investigations that yield conclusive results through a systematic and methodical approach.


Managing Partner, AIC, Xactimate Certified Trainer, General Contractor, DDA Forensics

Jonathon Diego, AIC
Managing Partner, Xactimate Certified Trainer, General Contractor, Multi-State Licensed Adjuster

Brian Peterson, Managing Partner, Property Insurance Expert Consultant/Certified Mediator/Corporate Representative, DDA Forensics

Brian Peterson
Managing Partner, Property Insurance Expert Consultant, Certified Mediator, Corporate Representative



1) The Basics

    1. Verisk Analytics – What is Verisk and what do they do?
    2. Xactware – How does Xactware fit in?
    3. Xactimate – The product that is used in the insurance estimating industry.

2) Xactimate Pricing: Data, Data, Everywhere

    1. Top-Down, Bottom-up, Manual Review – How pricing is calculated.
    2. Interpreting Xactimate pricing – Understanding the pricing model.
    3. Things to Consider: Population, Clusters, Demographics – Considerations that need to be given when understanding pricing.
    4. Pricing Surges – How does this affect the estimate.

3) Pricelists and Line Details

    1. How to identify the price list – Where can we find it and what does it mean.
    2. Importing pricelists – How to download the appropriate price list for the area.
    3. Historical pricelists – Comparing the past to the present.
    4. Manipulation of pricelists -How pricing can be changed to affect a party.

4) Building an Estimate

    1. Claim info – Entering the basic information of the association assignment.
    2. Sketch – Demonstration of basic roof and roof sketch.
    3. Estimate Items – Exploring the search function, Reference search, Categories, selectors, and actions.
    4. Completion of an Estimate – How to print and estimate, completing the file and inspection wizard.

5) Case Studies

    1. What is found in the details? – Exploring line-item details and where they are found.
    2. Tile Removal and installation pitfalls – Exploring the use of in proper category codes and their impact on estimate figures.
    3. What to watch for in the description – Line-item duplication, accessing details.
    4. Overestimating Roofs- What line items are already included in the details.
    5. Overestimating Ceiling repair – Over and underestimating ceiling repairs.
    6. Overestimating Tile flooring – Selecting proper tile grade.
    7. Overestimating Cabinets– Selecting proper cabinet grade.

6) Identifying Materials

    1. Common Cabinet material differential: Identifying the proper cabinet material and repair.
    2. Common Roof Concrete tile differential: Identifying the proper concrete roof tile and repair.
    3. Common Floor Tile differential: Identifying the proper tile and repair.


“Jonathon Diego and Brian Peterson are extremely well-versed in the area of first party property claims and how to analyze estimates. Their presentation guides you through the Xactimate program and how it can affect your claims. I highly recommend Jonathan and Brian!”

– Nicole L. Wulwick, Attorney, Kubicki Draper

“I am a knowledge sponge and I make it a point to attend every educational presentation that I possibly can, so I’ve heard a lot over the years. The presentation by DDA Forensics was hands-down one of THE most informative presentations that I have ever heard. The material was broken down perfectly for the intended audience—n​ot too dumbed down but not so highly technical that it went over my head either. It is clear they spent a lot of time on this presentation and in my opinion it is a must for all adjusters.”

Juli Mohan, Appraiser, Umpire, Public Adjuster

“I would like to express my appreciation for the informative webinar your firm hosted in conjunction with the Orlando Claims Association. I must say in my 25 years of taking CE courses and attending seminars, the presentation provided on Monday was filled with information that was presented in a format that was understandable to someone without a scientific background. Many thanks to you, Dr. Azzi, and DDA Forensics. Should I ever be asked for a recommendation on an engineering firm, I will mention DDA Forensics.” 

Kimberly Schoebel, Client Services Manager, Insurance Claims Unlimited, Inc.

“It was a great class. So informative! Thank you for presenting and sharing your knowledge with us.”

Michelle Faerman Baer, Associate Construction Consultant, IN-Line Consulting & Forensics

“I have never met anyone personally at DDA Forensics but their Webinars are excellent. Every presenter to date has added nuggets of knowledge you would only know if you are doing the real work. Thank you! I really enjoyed this last webinar!”

Renee V Johnson, Senior Project Analyst, Madrid CPWG

“Great presentation! Very informative. Thank you for sharing, Dr. Azzi.” 

Tonya Johnson, Claims Adjuster

“I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar you hosted on subrogation.”

– Mark Snider

“The class was very useful. Xactimate is something we see in almost every claim, yet it’s a foreign concept to many attorneys. The class was beneficial for all experience levels, whether you’re an attorney who’s been practicing for 20 years, or a young associate getting an introduction to the world of insurance claims. We’re attorneys, we’re not adjusters writing estimates every day.”

– Anthony Perez, Partner, Luks, Santaniello, Petrillo, Cohen & Peterfriend

“The presentation was immensely insightful. It brought me a new level of understanding of how Xactimate works. An invaluable tool for more comprehensive depositions, etc.”

– Alec A. Teijelo, Attorney, Luks, Santaniello, Petrillo, Cohen & Peterfriend

“It was a great presentation. Extremely organized, informative and engaging.”

– Jeanine Q. Menendez-Aponte, Director, Strategic Mentoring & Training, Luks, Santaniello, Petrillo, Cohen & Peterfriend