DDA Forensics is equipped with a team of seasoned experts in multiple disciplines. Our team of Engineers and Contractors have years of experience in the field and understand the critical nature of a detailed and thorough analysis. Trial tested and experienced with deposition testimony, our team is well equipped to convey our unbiased and professional assessment of the case in a conclusive and concise product.

Our team of experts have been involved in a wide range of cases dealing with minor to catastrophic wind damage, cladding and component failures, construction defect analysis, water damage, sewer backups, mold remediation, flood damage, wind vs flood, vehicle impact, sinkhole, structural failures, construction disputes, and total loss fires. Big or small, we have the team to handle your case.


Our experts have years of experience determining the causation of damages and component failures. We can assist your team in getting the right answers for a sound legal strategy. Our approach is simple. We collect and review all the available data, conduct our onsite inspection, develop theories, verify those theories, and develop our conclusions. While not every case is the same, our value is derived by our attention to detail and our years of experience in the field. Causation determination can get messy with multiple overlapping and contributing factors. Our team of experts understand how to parse out non-related issues and get the facts to formulate a clear and concise conclusion.

Scope & Pricing

We understand that disputes related to both the scope of repair and pricing often arise. Ordinances and code mandates can impact loss values. Disputes over means and methods, including the necessity to address specific components, can develop into a primary point of dispute. Our team of seasoned contractors help you evaluate property damage and determine an appropriate cost of repair. Whether it’s Large Loss, Complex, Commercial, or High Risk, we have you covered.

Desk Reviews

In need of a peer review or case analysis without a site inspection? Our experts have years of experience analyzing cases from historical documents. Provide us with floorplans and photographs, and our team of contractors will provide you with a Contractor Certified Xactimate estimate. We can walk you through an analysis of provided documents and provide clarity and answers to questions you may have.

You do not need to walk into a negotiation blind. Our contracting team at DDA Forensics is here to provide the facts you need to negotiate from a position of power.


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Jonathon Diego, AIC

General Contractor

Tim Cooprider

General Contractor,
Roofing Contractor

Robert Rodriguez

Residential Contractor

Dr. Ziad Azzi

Ziad Azzi, PhD, MBA, PE, CGC, CCC

Director of Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineer



Felix Rodriguez, PE

Civil & Structural Engineer,
Mechanical Engineer,
Certified General Contractor