Dedicated to maintaining the most advanced education, our Director of Business Development, Jamey Bennett, attended the Orlando Claims Association Live Burn event held on April 21 at the Valencia College Fire Rescue Institute in Orlando. The educational session was held from 10:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. and included a 1-hour continuing education course, live burn, and networking. Participants attended a preferred course of their choice.

  1. The Fire Origin and Cause Investigations Course provided attendees with an understanding of the basics of fire investigations and information to know when to secure the services of a certified origin and cause investigator.
  2. The Fire Course exposed participants to the basic issues concerning fire losses including mitigation, at-risk surfaces, wall coverings, smoke mitigation, and tools used during the mitigation and restoration processes. Participants are encouraged to share experiences and engage in discussions.
  3. The SIU Units – Purpose and Function Course provided an overview of the Florida requirement that insurers have a unit or contract service that investigates suspicious claim activity and reports the defined suspicious activity to the division of insurance fraud. Students learned about their responsibility as the Adjuster to identify suspected claim activity, how to report it to SIU, and key concepts of understanding Florida statute that defines the fraudulent insurance act.

The Orlando Claims Association is a membership organization comprised of insurance claims adjusters and industry professionals. The Orlando Claims Association holds networking events, annual meetings, classes and provides continuing education credits to members throughout Orlando.

DDA Forensics is committed to maintaining advanced education and accreditations. We specialize in evaluating and determining the cause of particular damages and failures for both residential and commercial structures. We understand that clear, concise, and conclusive determinations are critical to any investigation.